"In Love" is coming soon ...


New Album 11/22/19 Alpha Built available now everywhere



New Album 11/22/19 Reimagine Me out now everywhere.




Join us this Thursday with Pop Painter Jamie Roxx for an exclusive interview where we'll talk about our upcoming album, religion, and the future of Movies and Artificial Intelligence. You can also call in and talk to us!! 

New Song Release 2/22!! We Have been writing and working hard and have 2 new albums in the works. Originally we were going to release a song a month this year but have decided to release this song for 2/22 and release the entire album later this year. Keep checking back for a release date. We are VERY excited to share this music with you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are thankful for YOU (our fans). Here's a video as a token of appreciation that we wanted to release around Holloween but were too busy to finish editing it. Special thanks to Crystal Pastis and her amazing crew for their help making this video.





9/4/18 Our video for "Has the Whole World Gone Mad?" is up!!! Check it:



July 18,18 Our next 2 videos are in the works. Go to 222band page on YouTube and subscribe to our channel to stay informed on when these will be released. 


April 17, 18 "Won't you be My Neighbor" a movie Jade and Dennis both worked on will be coming to theaters this June!! "We were both raised on Mister Rodgers and loved him as a kid but being an adult and knowing more about what a great man he was makes us realize culture needs him more than ever.


Feb 10,18 This Weekend!! Come hang at the Whisky. We will be playing some new material and we'll be celebrating Dennis' Birthday with our friends from Vigil of War and Dead Girls Corp!!!



Feb9,18 What an Epic night!!! Thank you Dorothy, Los Angeles and The Fonda Theatre!! Thanks to Skylar Barberio for the amazing photos!!!

2/8/18 Guys!!!!! We've been picked to be direct Support for Dorothy next Friday at the Fonda!! This is a dream for us!! We hope to see y'all there ...

2/7/18 Finally, our video for "Across the Great Divide" is up!!!!!!!!


Our Teaser is up!! The New Video Coming Soon ...


Our video for Across the Great Divide is done!!! Make sure to go to youtube and subscribe to our 222band channel to be notified of its release. Thanks to everyone involved!! Our gofundme page will be closing soon but there is still time to donate. There are some special things in store for all who contributed ... www.gofundme.com/222acrossmusicvideo

  1/5/18 Had a great time last night with everyone at The Whisky, we'll be back here next month to do it again!! 

The attendance was amazing especially considering we just added the date 4 days ago. Love you guys!! See you at the Next One ...


12/5/17 So proud of our ladies Jules Tolentino and Valerie Franco for smashing on The Voice last night!!!





4/24/17- The legendary Rodney Bingenheimer from KROQ's "Rodney on the ROQ" played 3 of our songs on his show!!! Thank you Rodney!!!

We love you!
Rodney on The Roq Playlist 4/24/17 **NEW SONGS

The Lemon Twigs “I Wanna Prove To You”
**Real Estate “Diamond Eyes”
**Future Islands “Time On Her Side”
**Black Lips “It Won’t Be Long”
Cotton Mather “Girl With A Blue Guitar”
The Three O’Clock “The Girl With The Guitar (Says Oh Yeah)”
**Black Lips “Come And Ride With Me”
JAC “Record Store”
**Baby Shakes “Last Night”
Beck Black & Tony Valentino “You’re Never Gonna Stop Me”
**222 “The Perfect Sunday”
Daphne Guinness “The Long Now”
Skating Polly “Louder In Outer Space”
Al Jardine “PT Cruiser”
**The Jesus and Mary Chain “Can’t Stop The Rock”
**Single By Sunday “It Is What It Is”
The Moon Kids “Forever Blue”
**The Two Tens “Keeping Hope Alive”
**The Jesus and Mary Chain “The Two Of Us”
Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes “Downtown in The 90’s”
The Regrettes “Hey Now”
No Girlfriends “Sheets”
Dog Party “’Til You’re Mine”
Death Valley Girls “Love Spell”
**Charly Bliss “Black Hole”
**222 “Has The Whole World Gone Mad?”
**The Weeks “Hands On The Radio”
**Single By Sunday “22.5.16” 
**Black Lips “We Know”
**Cliffs “Portland To Vermont”
**The Black Black “I am a grandiose romantic gesture”
**Low Cut Connie “Controversy”
Channel 3 with Maria Montoya-Kaye “Little Things”
**Baby Shakes “Turn It Up”
The Bombpops “Be Sweet”
The Regrettes “Teenager In Love”
The Dollyrots “Mermaid”
**Baby Shakes “Off My Mind”
Hear Kitty Kitty “Lift Off”
**The Jesus and Mary Chain “Get On Home”
St. Tropez “I Wanna Live In St. Tropez”
Current Swell “It Ain’t Right”
White Reaper “Crystal Pistol”
Rolling Blackouts CF “Sick Bug”
**The Jesus and Mary Chain “Presidici”
**222 “She’s Gone”
**Honeychain “Two Fools”
**Black Lips “It Won’t Be Long”



4/4/17 Our Official Video for "I'm Not Trying to be You ..." is out!!!! Check it out here 

3/30/17 - Tune in tonight to Pop Roxx Radio to hear our interview with Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx and phone in with us!!


3/20/17 -"Things are getting weirder in Hollywood" NEW VIDEO COMING SOON ...

3/7/17 A big thanks to Derrick Lee for reviewing our CD Release party at Lucky Strike. Here is the link to check it out. Blurred Culture link



3/02/17 Check out our Interview with All Access Music Here





2/23/17 Here's our interview for Vents Magazine's 68th issue


Here is the link to the Magazine( pg 122)

2/22/17 OUR NEW ALBUM IS OUT!!!! Go here and buy it!!!

Click here 






2/21/17 Tonight, tune in ...



222 premiere of "Im not Trying To Be You ..." http://www.purevolume.com/news/PREMIERE-222-Im-Not-Trying-To-Be-You

New Album "I'm not Trying to be you…  …Just kidding I'm Trying to be you"

Coming soon..,

8/28/16 Extra Special Thanks to Chelsea Handler for sporting our new 222 "Bunny on Wheels" shirt on her Netflix show "Chelsea"!!! We fucking love you Chelsea!!!!


8/20/16 Happy Bday to Jadey Baby!!!! Had a great show @ Maui Sugar Mill Saloon with the new addition Eliot Lorango on bass!! Then… Mel McFail graciously surprised us with these Lil creepy baby treats.




8/11/16 Thanks to Steve Simms and Elise Duran for this gem from last night at Diego's in Santa Ana.


8/1/16 We are almost done with our follow up album to Libretto!! Release news coming soon...


7/22/16 Had a great time playing a Solar Powered show at Fais do do for Trapdoor Social's Album release party last night. Thanks to everyone who came out to join us!!



6/25/16 Thanks for hooking everything up "Jealous Creatures" in Houston and thanks to "Springboard South" for having us! We had a great time! Here's a sick shot courtesy of Ron Fontenot from Springboard South.


6/8/16 Here it is our "Official Pick Up Line Video" Thanks for your patience and sign up on our mailing list on this sight and see these videos before everyone else!



4/12/16 We are coming back Houston. Cant Wait!!!


3/27/16 - Here it comes y'all. Our superficial video for our song Pick up Line. More info to come...





3/31/16 It was great seeing everybody last night at Lost Knights!! We missed home..


3/23/16- Church is adjourned!! Thanks to everyone who made the Southwest tour a success!! A special thanks to Julie Tolentino  for helping us make it smooth. We couldn't have done it without you!! We are on our way home... 


Here is a video we shot on our iPhones coming back to our Hotel last night. . .

3/22/16 - Sister Bar rocked!! Here's a little taste from the show...





3/21/16 Goodbye Texas, you will be missed… Until June. See you then.. We can't wait to come back!!!


2/9/16 We are excited to announce we have been accepted into Red Gorilla Fest!!! We will be playing March 19th at Darwin's pub on 6th Street in Austin. Check out our tour page for more info. See you soon Austin ...



1/31/16 Thanks for an amazing Midwest/south Tour!!! We had amazing time and you guys way exceeded our expectations!! We will be back... 


Indianapolis, you blew our minds last night!! Thanks to Elvis Mires for filming "If I tore" for us...


Alright y'all, our vinyl is finally here!!! Check out our Store page and get one before they are gone!!!

pic of the vinyl


1/1/16 Happy New Year party people. This one's going to be an amazing year for everyone! We are starting in January with a small midwest tour and we can't wait to see our Midwest friends. Check out our tour page for details. Pow!!!Here is a video Dennis did while being sick over the Holiday. Farewell 2015!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are on our way to Jade's hometown of Tucson for a show tomorrow night at Club Congress! Soooo if you're in the area you better come hang with us! This is going to be a fun show!! 
We would like to thank RadioBuzz101, KPNT In St.Louis, WHBC in Canton Ohio, KPOI in Honolulu Hawaii, KRZQ in Reno CA,for adding us into rotation on their stations. You guys kick ass!!! 
The Hotel Cafe show last night was so fun, thanks to everyone who came out to support. We hope you had as much fun as we did!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
We won artist of the month!! For the next 2 weeks we will be featured on the cover page of the Deli Magazine LA! Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for us, we love you!!! Check it out here… www.la.thedelimagazine.com
We are showing a preview of our upcoming Headcake video for everyone who signs up for our mailing list. If you are signed up, you will be sent a link on Halloween to view it. This version is a rough cut and before animation but we wanted to share with it being Halloween and all. Enjoy!!
We just finished shooting our second video and we can't wait to show  you!!! Here's Jade with the 1st course..
Thanks to Al Perry for featuring on his show on KXCI 91.3 in Tucson AZ THIS week!!! We can't wait to play there Thanksgiving weekend at club Congress!!!
Our first Official Music Video is up! Check it out here..
Thank you to everyone who voted for us at Balcony T.V!!! We placed 1st in Los angeles and 3rd in the world this week!! If you haven't checked it out yet go here http://www.balconytv.com/videos/222-if-i-tore-your-tits-off-theyd-make-a-great-pink-lemonade and vote!
Great News!!! -KXRN (Laguna Beach, CA) has decided to include "One Night Stand" in their weekly rotation! They have also asked the band to come in for an interview and on-air performance on 9/29 at 9:30 A.M. So if you can, tune in that morning and join us!
We had a blast in Santa Barbara at Whiskey Richards last night! Santa Barbara crowd is absolutely nuts!! We are definitely coming back for more. It was also our first show with drummer Valerie Franco and we can't wait to play with her again!
We just finished shooting the "One Night Stand" video and we can't wait to show it to you! Stay tuned for the release date..
We are excited to announce that KRZQ has included us on their New Music show!!!
Thanks to everyone who came out to came out last night to Cafe Nela. 
We had a great time with y'all! We'd like to send a safe travel Gene with Tosha Jones who will be playing with Bellusira in Australia soon. We Love you Tosha!
Great day yesterday, we premiered "If I tore your tits off you'd make a great pink lemonade" on Balcony T.V and had a great time playing Bar Sinister last night with Beck Black and Arden and the wolves. Here is a shot from last night..
New batch of CDs! If you own a physical CD, you have 1 of only a 100, so hang on to it!!!
Music videos coming soon. We have officially started filming for our first video. More news to come soon..
Great show last night! Tosha played a drum solo we lovingly named the "cupcake" in honor of Julie Tolentino's amazing gluten free organic cupcakes that got the whole night started. Thanks to everyone who came out, you guys rocked our world!
Thanks to the amazing crowd last night at Hotel Cafe! That might be our favorite show yet thanks to you. We are really excited about the new songs we tried out for you guys last night and can't wait to release this new batch. More news on that on the way. Here's a pic Julie Tolentino graciously sent us from the show..
A big "Shout out" and thanks to Rodney Bingenheimer for playing our song "Bedtime" last night on KROQ'S Rodney on the Roq. Rodney made it out last Wednesday to our show with Richie Ramone at Los Globos and he also featured some other great bands from that night on his broadcast. Be sure to check out his show Sunday nights on KROQ!

We had a great time playing with Richie Ramone and all the amazing bands we were lucky to share the stage with. Thanks to everyone that came out! Here is a pic of us with Richie backstage at Los globos.

We are excited to open for Richie Ramone along with all these other awesome bands April 15th at Los Globos 3040 W. Sunset Blvd. LA, CA!!! It's going to be a sick show, preorder tickets $12, tickets at the door $15. See you there!!!!




Thanks to everyone who came out to the Loaded show on this March 20th, we had an amazing time!!!

Here is an interview we did with Vicky Hamilton after our show in the alley behind the venue. Enjoy., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK4NUVEXDxE




We want to thank everyone who came out to our first show!! It really means a lot to us. We sincerely appreciate all of the support we've gotten so far.

Check out our new pics page with some live shots from out debut show here!

We're excited to invite you to our next show on March 20th at Loaded in Hollywood!

This a great venue and we're really excited to play for you there.

See you guys on March 20th!

We'd also like to thank our special guest on drums, Tosha Jones! Awesome work! For more info on Tosha go to http://www.toshajones.com


Thanks to Rodney Bingenheimer for featuring our song "Bedtime" on his playlist last night on Rodney on the Roq. We are both BIG fans of Rodney's show and are honored to be played with such an amazing list of music.



Tomorrow night!



We are honored to announce that the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer will be playing our second pre-release, "Fair Weather Send Off" on his infamous radio show Rodney on the Roq this Sunday night on KROQ!  Please check it out if you get a chance and if you're not familiar with Rodney and his show, click below and school yourself!





Our debut album is set to be released on 2/22!  In the final stages of production now. 



We're happy to announce the release of our debut single, "One Night Stand"!  We have a free stream at the bottom of our site, if you want to support us please download the single from one of our digital outlets below:


Thank you!



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